Our Staff

The Owners

Owners Kevin Cooke & Kathy Allen each has a long history of practicing and teaching Bikram Yoga.

In 1980, Kevin started practicing Bikram Yoga in Ashland, Oregon, from one of just a handful of people teaching Bikram yoga in the USA. He practiced regularly and began teaching in 1985 and founded his first studio by 1989. In 1996, Kevin attended one of the first official teacher trainings conducted by Bikram himself at his headquarters in Los Angeles. Soon after, he and his wife, Kathy, opened Seattle's first Bikram studio. The following year, in 1997, Kathy attended teacher training and both now teach regularly at Bikram Yoga Seattle's Fremont studio.

As a teacher, Kevin is a strong leader who takes the time to help students understand the nuances of the postures through varied explanations and demonstrations. Through his own experiences, Kevin relates how the physical yoga impacts your spiritual growth. Kevin offers a strong attention to detail and ability to help students improve at all levels of practice.

For Kathy, the yoga is the center of her life. She believes that everything good that happens in other aspects of life directly tie back to her practice. As a teacher, she brings a strong foundation of experience to the podium. She has the ability to empathize with what is going on with students in the room and adjust her teaching to respond to that moment. Having taught for over 10 years, she truly believes in this yoga and joyfully shares it with her students.

The Instructors

All of the teachers at our studio are certified instructors. In addition, each teacher has a dedicated personal yoga practice—the teachers truly walk the talk. Even though teachers give the same instruction, their unique personalities show through in each class. Students can expect something will be said that resonates in new way in every practice. There are several teachers and it's advised that students vary their practice by experiencing different teachers and learning from their unique styles.